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My Story

In my early years I was a clothing designer and seamstress. Subsequently, I became interested in martial arts. After many years of traveling to Japan for martial arts events I developed a deep appreciation for the japanese culture and artistry. Applying my fashion design experience to upcycling Japanese kimonos and obis was a natural progression with Tsuyosa Creations being started in 2000!

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Tsuyosa Creations

Tsuyosa Creations uses up-cycled Japanese Kimonos and Obis. Each textile reflects the Japanese design esthetic of the 20th century and ranges in age from 1900 to 1970. Variations in color and texture are an inherent and natural feature contributing to the vintage and unique appeal of each piece. Most of the textiles are silk with the occasional inclusion of metallic, linen, cotton or early synthetic fibers.

Tsuyosa Creations makes yearly trips to Japan to obtain select kimonos and obis. They are then carefully disassembled and incorporated into beautiful and unique designs.


(619) 759-5888

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